William D. Stilley, Esq.

Attorney at Law
Coming from a family of attorneys and having a lifelong passion for history, it made sense to go to law school. After practicing law for over 37 years, my reputation for honesty and integrity really defines my firm. People know they can come to me for advice and I will be open and completely honest about their situation.
Scales of justice

Lorita Stilley

Business Manager
As Stilley Law Office’s business manager I oversee the executive operation of the firm. I set office policies, oversee finances, and make sure everything runs smoothly from an operational standpoint. I have a knack for the details, so it was no surprise when the firm opened that I would come on as business manager.
books open on a desk next to a notebook

Dan Stilley

Office Manager
As office manager I oversee the day-to-day operation of the law firm. I am in charge of client intake so I am the first point of contact for many of our clients. I stay in contact with our clients through every step of the process. I also help with filing, document editing, as well as other miscellaneous duties. I am proud to work for the family firm and am glad to be here to help!